Projects (ongoing)

GRM - ENA-ARM Gamma Radiation Monitoring campaign, 2015-2020 (PI)

RADCAMIN - Radon in caves and mines - Portuguese and Slovak case studies, 2019-2020 (PI)

Recent projects (concluded)

FCT-NKFIH - meteorological effects on natural radioactivity time series: a comparison of continental (Hungary) and oceanic (Portugal) climates, 2017-2018 (PI)

CORAL - Sustainable Ocean Exploitation: Tools and Sensors, NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000036, 2016-2018 (member of team)

RELECT - Radioactivity and ELECTric field monitoring campaign at Hyytiälä, 2017 (PI) - Project report

SeaBioData - Portuguese Seamounts Biodiversity Data Management (EEA) 2015-2017 (member of team)

RADON - Radon indoor and soil gas variability - joint experimental assessment (PTDC/CTE-GIX/110325/2009) - 2011-2014 (PI)